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Who was Benjamin Banneker?

Linked above is a (short) documentary from TedEd. It's a great tool to introduce students to this amazing scientist, astronomer, and mathematician.  


"For Benjamin Banneker and people like him who like to invent and create things, figuring out how to solve problems is an essential part of their lives. In this wonderful picture book we see how a young man with exceptional inventing skills figures out how to create something unique." 

-Marya Jansen-Gruber Editor; Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review


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Celebrate science and history with this award winning picture book biography! 

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You can visit Benjamin's 'Remarkable' Homestead and learn more about him at The Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum.


Benjamin was known for his math skills. To see examples of his famous math riddles, click here!


Did you know Benjamin wrote his own Almanac?

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