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Why peach pits?

Girl Scouts Favors no color Associated Negro Press Announcement Pittsburgh PA World War One era

Click the image to see one of the newspapers (an original source) this notice ran in. Further searches on Chronicling America via the Library of Congress website will turn up more!

National School Service newsletter 1900s Woodrow Wilson message World War One 1

A page from the National School Service newsletter. It includes the message from President Wilson referenced in the book. Click on the image for a PDF version. 

Youtube video gas mask assembly manufacturing world war one peach pit collection

Linked above is a video on YouTube from the National Archives that shows the production of gas masks during World War I. 


Cleaning the Air

(A hands-on activity by Teach Engineering)

Girl Scout History

(A link to the Girl Scout organization)

Cover Books The Peach Pit Parade by Shana Keller Illustrated by Margeaux Lucas

What is chemical warfare?

World War I Chemical Warfare Gas Masks Student History

Linked above is a video on YouTube from Simple History titled First World War tech: Chlorine Gas & Gas Masks.  

1918 black and white girl scout drummer girls integration integrated world war one era

Photo curtsey The Girl Scout Museum at Cedar Hill. Click on the link to visit their website. 

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