Who was Frederick Douglass?

"Why am I a slave? Why are some people slaves and others masters? These were perplexing questions and very troublesome to my childhood. Then I found, too, that there were puzzling exceptions to this theory of slavery, in the fact that all black people were not slaves..."

 ~Frederick Douglass 

Linked above is a short documentary for children about Frederick Douglass. This video is posted by Free School on YouTube. 

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Click the picture above to visit Virginia's 2020 Fall for the Book Festival which includes (free) online story time as well as an activity. 

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Frederick's Three Autobiographies:

Narrative bk cv - fred.jpeg

Provided by the

Library of Congress

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Provided by Project Gutenberg

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Provided by the Online

Library of Liberty


Frederick Douglass Timeline

(African American History of Western New York)

Lesson Plan Grades 7-8: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

(Authored by Kenna Rodgers, Utah Education Network)

Frederick Douglass Papers

(Library of Congress)