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Throughout his life, Benjamin Banneker was known and admired for his work in science, mathematics, and astronomy, just to name a few pursuits. Even his birth in Maryland in 1731 made him an extraordinary person for that time period: He was born free at a time in America when most African Americans were slaves. Though he only briefly attended school and was largely self-taught, at a young age Benjamin displayed a keen aptitude for mathematics and science. Inspired by a pocket watch he had seen, at the age of 22 he built a striking clock based on his own drawings and using a pocketknife. This picture book biography focuses on one episode in a remarkable life. - Sleeping Bear Press  



Interview by Karlin Gray, (author of Nadia, the Girl Who Couldn't Sit Still!)


More About Benjamin:​




  • Benjamin was known for his math skills. To see examples of his famous math riddles, click here!


Illustrated by:


David C. Gardner​


"For Benjamin Banneker and people like him who like to invent and create things, figuring out how to solve problems is an essential part of their lives. In this wonderful picture book we see how a young man with exceptional inventing skills figures out how to create something unique." 

-Marya Jansen-Gruber Editor; Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

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© 2014 photo by Shana Selway

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